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Rosary is a religious exercise in which prayers are recited and counted on a string of beads or a knotted cord. You have probably seen, heard of or even have a string of rosary beads. Have you ever thought a bit deeper about the beads? Here are 10 interesting facts about rosary beads.

Rosary means a crown of roses

Rosary is derived from rosarium a Latin word that means a crown of roses. It is believed when you pray the rosary it is like you are taking a walk through Mary’s beautiful garden of roses.

Its use started in the 3rd century

Rosary was adopted in the 3rd century by the Eastern monks from there; various forms of the rosary were developed. The Catholic Church adopted the rosary in its present form in the 13th century by St. Dominic who it is believed that he received it from the blessed virgin.

The rosary has a total of 59 beads

The Catholic Church rosary has 53 Ave (Hail Mary) beads and 6 Pater (Our Father) beads adding up to a total of 59 beads; on the circle there are five sets of ten Ave beads separated by four single Pater beads and on the pendant there is one Pater bead at each end of a set of three Ave beads.

Rosary beads contain five mysteries

The beads are to help keep in memory certain principal events in the Catholic faith. The mysteries are grouped into groups of five; joyful mysteries, luminous mysteries, sorrowful mysteries and glorious mysteries. The beads help one meditate while reciting the Rosary as one counts the times he/she recites the Rosary.

Rosary beads are not only for Catholic believers.

You might have thought that only the Catholic Faith wear or have beliefs in rosary beads. You will be amazed to know that other denominations especially The Orthodoxy also wear rosary. The Eastern Orthodox of Greece and Turkey has a rosary that has 100 beads. The Russian Orthodox also has a ladder like rosary that has 103 beads.

Rosary beads are used as gifts

Sometimes we are short of ideas for gifts to give to our friends, relatives, classmates and even church mates. Rosary as a gift is a sign of spiritual support and care to your friends.

Rosary beads are used for protection

Most believers believe that having a rosary with them will protect them from danger and also keep evil away. It is a fact that most believers feel safe and secure with a rosary hanging on their bed frames and cars.

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