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When translated from it’s Latin form (“Rosarium”), The Rosary is literally defined as a garland or crown of roses. The Rosary has been a beloved prayer form in the Catholic Church since the year of 1214, when the concept was first presented to St. Dominic of the Catholic Church. Catholics often pray the Rosary when they have a prayer request that is of significant importance, such as the healing of a loved one who may be ill. Some even pray the Rosary routinely each day. The Rosary is also a recognised way for supplicants to count their prayers and remember them by reciting them consecutively.

To many, praying the Rosary may seem intimidating due to all of it’s involved steps. However, a great deal of the process is just memorisation, meditation, and repetition. This means anyone can easily get a hold of it in order to enhance their experience of worship. Contrary to what many believe, you do not have to be Catholic to pray on the Rosary. Praying on the Rosary not only promotes the value of meditation, but it also presents a history of the life of Jesus for anyone who may be interested. Protestants are often known for praying the Rosary as well, and have introduced it to their own church’s traditions. The Rosary’s power of enlightenment does not discriminate against denomination or affiliation.

Step-by-step How To Pray The Rosary:

With the crucifix in hand, make the Sign of the Cross, and proceed to say the Apostles’ Creed prayer, followed by the Our Father prayer on the first large bead. On the three beads that follow, recite three Hail Mary prayers. You will now come to the bead before the Hail Holy Queen. When reaching this bead, recite the Glory Be prayer, followed by the mystery pertaining to which day it is and the decade that you are currently focused on. Each day of the week has it’s own set of mysteries correlating with the particular decade (alternative word for section) that you are on. The mysteries are distributed into four sets which are the Joyful, the Luminous, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious. When saying the “Full Rosary”, one must go through all twenty decades instead of just the standard five decades that are normally recited.

After you have announced the First Mystery, succeed it with the Our Father prayer. As you mediate on the First Mystery recited, say ten Hail Mary prayers. Now you’re going to follow it once again with the Glory Be prayer. The Second Mystery should be announced now, followed by Our Father once more. As you proceed to each decade of The Rosary, repeat the steps of the ten Hail Mary’s, followed by Glory Be, and onto the next consecutive mystery until you have gone through the complete Rosary. To finalise the prayer, many find it customary to conclude with, “Let us pray.”

Praying on the Rosary is exceedingly beneficial if you are looking to participate in a more powerful prayer form, connect with your Catholic roots, or just become more educated and enlightened through meditation. Primarily based on scripture, the Rosary can help you become more spiritually aware and advanced, which will lead to a more fruitful and fulfilled life!

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